Sunday, October 28, 2012

BOO at the Zoo

Friday night we took little Hannah Banana to Boo at the Zoo. I am pretty sure I was more excited than Mike and Hannah. Any reason to dress her up in this little costume..I was in!
oh and any reason to hand out with little Riley Roo Rat.. We are also in..
Is that not the cutest little duck you've ever seen. Look she even has a bow!
There was tons of stuff for the kiddo's to do. Rides, Fortune teller, games, bounce houses, etc... The only down fall was little H was a little too short to any of it.
She was able to do the slide with her dad. Every wife should witness their child going down one of these slides with their husband. HILARIOUS! I guess the slide wasn't slick enough. Mike and H bounced most of the way down. She loved it.
She loved the train! Minus the part where the dinosaur jumped out and scared the bajesus out of her.
So we went to the carousel and called it a day.
It was really ok that she was too short to ride most of the rides. she really enjoyed running around her dad more than anything.
Can we say wrapped around his finger daddy's girl

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  1. That last pic is priceless. I'm thinking "wedding slide show".