Thursday, April 11, 2013

Thursday Thoughts

I'm proud to say I've gotten off my lazy butt and started running. EVERYDAY. I even get up in the mornings and take Manny for a walk. M says I'm a much nicer person when I run. Isn't he a Romeo? I do feel a lot better and somehow I've lost 3 pounds this week. Happy Days!

I've cleaned up my eating. No more Easter candy, no more rice, no carbs, no soda, and are you ready...NO DRINKING DURING THE WEEK. GASP!

M is in another wedding this summer. It's amazing. When we got married, I was told "Just wait and see all of M friends are going to fold". It's been a waterfall effect. Seriously 4 of M's closest friends have gotten married since we have. We've only been married 4 years. M has been in all the weddings. Which hasn't been bad. I'm really looking forward to the wedding this September in Destin. They are getting married on our anniversary, so I've somehow wiggled in a Romantic getaway. And by romantic I mean: adult conversation, wine, no Disney channel and sleeping without H's foot in my face. Jealous much?

M is hosting the bachelor party this weekend. When I get home tonight I totally expect to have 3-4 grown men in my living room huddled around the TV with beer cans all around the house oh and lets not forget the toilet seat left up. I'll walk in with a smile and not say a word. Nothing is going to steal my joy. I will have the house to myself until Sunday.

Yesterday, marked the anniversary of when M and I met. Cardinals home opener 4/10/06. Seven years, sometimes It feels like 70 I kid I kid I knew M wouldn't remember. I thought I'd be sweet and leave him a little something in his car. He called me freaking out because he forgot and thought it was our wedding anniversary. I said that's ok, Cash is fine

M is testing my patience. Like Bad. He's off today and keeping H. Why did he just call and I could totally tell he was in the car  and ask if it was ok if he brought H to my office while he ran a couple of errands? REALLY? It is beyond me how he can manage HUNDREDS of people at work but he can not run errands with our 2 year old. Bless him.

Happy Thursday!

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  1. It's funny, my hubby says the same thing about me and running. But, it's true. All those endorphins do make me much happier!