Monday, April 1, 2013

Happy Resurrection Day

I have very fond memories of Easter as a child. Easter would always start on Saturday night. We'd have dinner at my grandpa and grandma W's house.

I was very fortunate to grow up with both sets of grandparents but I was extremely close to grandma and grandpa W. I swear they were angels on earth. I miss them dearly

I digress

 Saturday, after spending all morning in the beauty shop. and by beauty shop I mean my Aunt Irene's back hot back porch We'd head to the grandparent's house for dinner.

We'd sit around the table and eat while Wheel of Fortune played in the back ground. After dinner we'd always have a fresh dessert whether it be homemade pie or ice cream. It was always cooked with lard and it was always delicious. One thing about Grandma's house, you'd never leave hungry. or without breaking a sweat, they kept the house at 98 degrees all year long

After we grazed, mom and dad would leave and we'd start dying Easter eggs. Once that got boring, Grandma would take us to Wal-Mart. She would give us each $10.00 and said we could buy whatever we wanted. Oh the pressure to make the right decision. Barbie? Baby? Game? or keep the money?

We'd end our evening with popcorn and coke. Which looking back, isn't it weird that she'd give us coke before bed? I will never forget falling asleep to the theme song of Law & Order.

We'd wake up in the morning to find our Easter baskets overflowing with sugary treats. We put our Easter dress on which included  layers of white lace, white stockings, white hat, white gloves you name it. We were in a uncomfortably mess but we didn't care. We were jacked up on sugar. We'd drive around the corner and start our day in church.

I'll never forget grandma's church. It was your typical old black church-minus the tambourine and the people falling out because they "got the spirit"

It was full of small town people who really loved the Lord.

I remember listening and really enjoying the sermon about Easter. There was something about someone dying for me that really got to me. I grew up in the church and heard it year after year. Of course as a child I would always think:

"wow, can you imagine Mary Magdalene when she saw Jesus appear?"
I wonder if I would freak out and run like a banshees or fall in awe?
Easter is so much more than the cute dresses, Easter bunny and candy. Don't get me wrong that is all fun and we do partake in our share of the Easter bunny festivities. BUT I want H to really know and understand the love that Christ shed for her on that cross.

Lord, please help me raise a good Christian daughter ;)


  1. Some of my favorite memories growing up are those from Easter. We always went to my dad's folks and had the best time. A huge feast, a huge egg hunt, and we always wore those uncomfy outfits.
    The hubs and I pray every night that we raise our child with Christ as the corner stone.
    I hope your family had a blessed Easter!!