Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Little Rock

We all know how scared I was for this race. Like I would rather hold a snake for 1.5 seconds than run this race.

Winter Training. BOO! Treadmill training BOO! I was hit with lazy stick and shoving oreo's down my pie hole like it was the only way to get into heaven.

I digress..

I picked Cia up from the airport Saturday afternoon. I had full plans on taking her straight to the bar, force her to down a bottle of Riesling and talk her out of doing the race in the morning.

Instead, my sweet husband took us out to dinner and we didn't drink one sip of wine. And if you know us, that NEVER happens when you get us together.

We ate a hearty, healthy meal  came home and crashed like we'd been out boozing all night long. I swear we were out by 10pm. It was glorious.

6:00am "My milk shake brings all the boys to the yard" Yes that is my alarm.  Sounds,  I roll over and try to talk myself out of the run again.

6:03, I get my happy butt out of bed and into the shower. I give myself a little pep talk. It's just 2 hours, just do it and get er done (ha, I sound all southern, where's my camo and my gun)

We run around like banshees and finally get in the car and head downtown.

We get out of the car and I kid you not my face froze instantly. It was FREEZING! Like 33 degree's freezing with wind. Thankfully I went to Goodwill and bought throw away items. So what if my shirt had "Pearl" marked on the tag. It kept me warm.

Marcia and I did our usually, pre run routine. Walk around find the nasty potties, comment on cute running outfits, stretch, pray, line up, pray again.

Ok, let me just say. I felt nothing short of cattle. It was so crowded. I mean, don't get me wrong, the body heat of random strangers was nice but when you are 5'2 you tend to get trampled.  A lot.

The start whistle blows and we don't move and inch. This happened I swear 293 times. 15 minutes later we finally see the start line and our coral finally starts running.

People were tripping everywhere. It was so crowded.  I swear it didn't smooth out until mile 2. I also ditched my pearl sweatshirt at mile two. It was so funny, I threw it and I hear Marcia "Bye Pearl" It may have been that we were delirious from the cold but I've never laughed so hard.

I ran like it was my job. My pace was right at 9:35. I felt golden. I didn't take any gels or drink any water until mile 11. ugh mile ll

I was seriously looking for a bus to throw myself in front of. I hit a wall and I hit it hard. I got so mad at my self. "dang it Amie, this is what happens when you don't properly train" I was so mad.

The song you can go hard or you can go home came on.  I pretty much gave my ipod the finger and kept trucking.
One foot in front of the other
keep moving
one step closer to the finish line

Then I remembered H would be at the finish line. I got a burst of energy.

Isn't it something how your children inspire you? She's two and the thought of her being at the finished line got my butt moving.

I ran my little heart out and PR'D!! 2:11! (two minutes off of my St. Jude's time)

I'm so proud of us!

More Photo's here


  1. YAY for the PR!! And serious kudos for running in such cold.
    Where did you get the Run Mom Run shirt? I have a 1/2 in April and I think I need to make a purchase for my little one.

    1. Thanks Friend! I made the shirt. It was easy peasy. I got a cheap shirt from Hobby Lobby and some iron on letters.