Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Cards for Gabbie

Every Tuesday, (my day off) I watch the Today show. I love it. I drink coffee, browse blogs while watching the Today Show. It's my little peace of heaven before the bambino wakes up.

Today, one story that caught my attention was "Cards for Gabbie"  Gabbie is a seven year old from Indiana. She suffers from a rare genetic disorder called neurofibromatosis. This unfortunate disorder causes her developmental delays that are similar to autism.  Her story goes on explaining how Gabbie was feeling left out at school. She noticed other children getting cards (which her mother explains that these cards were probably birthday party invitations) at school and Gabbie wasn't getting any from friends. She asked her mother "why no one was giving her cards" #breakmyheart.

Gabbie's mother reached out to a non profit organization called Monkey See Monkey Do for help. Read more about the awesome stuff they do HERE

She simply wanted her daughter to receive cards like the other children. She wrote:

“There are some things that money cannot buy, and that is feeling like you are loved and accepted. That is what I want for my baby girl,”

I normally read stories like this and get a warm feeling but never DO anything. This is different. I think what would I do if this was my baby girl?. So off I went to the craft box and made a little card for Ms. Gabbie. I included H. I told her we were making a card for a special little girl. She of course was right on board. Bless her 3yr, old up for anything, has no clue heart.  She loves anything that she gets to put glitter on.

I encourage you to send little Gabbie a card. It's just a few moments out of your day. I just keep thinking of her face when she get card after card. priceless.


You can read more about her story HERE
More information on where to send her card HERE

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  1. Yep, headed off to make (let's be real, BUY) a card for this little lady.
    Thanks for sharing!!