Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas 2013

We have another Christmas in the books. It’s amazing all this hustle and bustle of the holidays and BOOM after 30minutes you are left with wrapping paper (or bags with tissue paper in my case) thrown all over the house and everyone is in a gift coma.

We started our Christmas Festivities Monday night with candle light service then Christmas Eve night with the Christmas program at church. I always love the candles during silent night.

Christmas Eve night ended with friends and wine of course.

Christmas morning, M and I woke up super early to put together H’s bike. (Sorry no pictures. I got a new camera and I don’t know how to work it. 98% of the pictures are blurry) Talk about testing your marriage. Want to know how strong your love is for your husband? Make him get up at 6am to put a bike together. I’m sure me holding the instructions and asking “what does this go too?” helped. It was worth it. H was so excited. The look on her face was priceless

My sister and M’s sister both were able to make the trip to AR. We are so thankful for both of them. It was nice to have some family there with us.

I did take the liberty to throw myself a 30 min pity party. It’s so hard being away from friends and family during the holiday. I missed the loud crazy chaos that comes with being in STL.

In my head, I thought no worries we are going to start new family tradition here… the three of us. In my mind I had planned this huge full course meal on the good china READ: Chinet paper plates.. I kid I kid.

I was going to serve up a nice meal with all the fixing. EXCEPT, I failed to actually go to the store before Christmas Eve to get all of the stuff to make the fixings. WIFE/MOMMY FAIL so we had Chinese instead.

God really has a way of gut checking me. While getting Chinese, M noticed a family struggling to pay for their meal. Before I even blinked M told the hostess that we will be paying for their meal. (349,302 reason why I love this man)
I was thinking wow; M just really blessed that family. I began telling M how sweet that was of him and how he has such a giving heart. He quickly cut me off and said “Amie, we are so fortunate, we have roof over our head, food in our stomach and our health. Christmas isn’t about us; it’s about giving and about H”

And…..I’ll stop there.

When did M become Ghost of Christmas Past?

He was right, it isn’t about me. It’s about H and that little girl had the time of her life yesterday. Having TWO aunts there just made her day. M and I took the opportunity to sneak off into the bedroom to watch a movie. We stopped our movie a few times and just to listen to the laughter that came from the living room. Priceless.

We felt very blessed. I went to bed feeling very blessed and with the desire to have 3 more children. I was trying to convince M that if we couldn’t be surrounded by my crazy house full of family we’d have to just make more babies and fill our house with crazy. Makes total sense right?

Oh and for those who are on FB and saw this lovely post from M.

I did not get an electric cigarette, beef jerky, a cell phone charger or anything else that can be bought at a gas station. Last minute Larry came through with a garage door opener and my running wish list. #hethinkshe’sfunny


  1. Sounds like you had a very lovely Christmas! I'm glad you got your running wish list! I agree that Christmas is all lead up and then BOOM it is over.

    1. I know it's so sad... Hope you had a great christmas too!

  2. Your hubby is seriously amazing.
    It's so easy to overlook how fortunate and blessed we are. God has such a great way of reminding us of all our riches.
    Sounds like you had a great Christmas.
    Cheers to the New Year!