Wednesday, November 20, 2013


This week I’m saying SO WHAT

• If I still have pumpkins on our front porch! Pumpkins say Thanksgiving right?
• If I took H to the post office with her PJ shirt on and her pants inside out. GIRLFRIEND was in a mood and so was I.
• I splurged and put high lights in my hair. I need to get my random spending out of my system before M and I have the “pre Christmas” budget talk
• I’m thinking about going back to school. I’m bored with these mediocre jobs. Plus my shopping addiction is suffering.
• I slept in H’s room last night. H isn’t feeling well. So I decided to lay down with her at bed time. I was out like a light. At one point it was me, H and our boxer in her twin bed. Then they slowly left me and went to sleep with M our king size bed. TRADERS.
• I bought Home Alone. That is a Christmas must see movie.
• If I’m afraid to start a fire in the fire place. M say’s it works just fine but I have a vision of it blowing our house up.
• If our family can’t make the trip to AR for Christmas. I have a “no travel rule” on Christmas day. It will be sad not to have family around but it will be nice for it to be just the three of us.
• I want to host a “FRIENDSGIVING” How fun does that sound? Too bad Thanksgiving is next week and I’ll be in STL. Maybe next year.
• My Christmas list has mostly running entry fees/ running socks and GU on it.

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  1. Hell yes pumpkins say Thanksgiving. That's all that I have going on in my house right now.
    At least H will put clothes ON. It seriously took me 10 minutes to get pants on M this morning. Shoot me now.
    You MUST do a Friendsgiving. We hosted one last year and it was awesome (besides the cold that I caught that had me holed up in my bed after one bite of mashed potatoes and NO wine)!
    Our Christmas lists are pretty much the same. If someone doesn't pay my entry fee for HH (yes, that is the very first thing ON my list) I will be PISSED.