Friday, November 8, 2013


It’s finally Friday!

Let me just share a few things with ya today

{ONE}I think it’s time to invest in running safety light. Last Saturday, when I ran with my running group, I got lost (shocker) and it was dark. I think it’s also time that I start getting the map and taking it with me (details). Do you know how dark it is at 6am these days? It’s real dark. I always thought running flashers were for 85 year olds, I was wrong. I sure wish I had a flasher when I was lost and running for my life. Thankfully it wasn’t Freddy Krueger it was just my shadow.

I’m headed to STL next weekend for a baby shower for my college roommate. I want to put together a “Hospital Survival kit” It’s been a few years since I’ve given birth. (Plus, I’d like to block out those twelve hours of labor) I can’t seem to remember the things I wish I had at the hospital during delivery. I need ideas. What are some of your must have items?

{THREE}I’m in love with this new shirt that I got from In Bloom Boutique. This weekend I’m off to purchase some yellow skinnies, so I can make this outfit happen.


Is it crazy that I and considering putting my Christmas tree up before Thanksgiving? I’m so ready for Christmas. I love having the tree in the house, the pine smell, the lights, the baking…agh… It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Sing it with me now!

{FIVE} I have a huge window in my office. I’ve spent most of my morning looking out the window. I was slightly embarrassed and shocked when a guy appeared outside the window for cleaning purposes. You’d think I’d stop starring, NOPE. I’m pretty sure I looked like this. “Hi, my name is Amie and I’m the nosiest person in America”

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  1. For the survival kit: CHAPSTICK, a good headband, slippers/robe (maybe throw in an iTunes gift card so she can download some of her fav tunes that can be played during delivery?)
    That outfit - YES!