Monday, November 11, 2013

Christmas Card Dilema

Am I the only one who feels they are late ordering the Christmas cards?  There are so many great coupon codes out there right now. Offering free shipping or 50% off.  Which sounds wonderful IF I had a family photo to use. Every year I stress about what picture we are going to use. I usually have a picture at this point but this year I am drawling a blank. We have a busy schedule coming up which means no time for family pictures. Did I mention M HATES getting his picture taken?
I had planned on taking outside pictures this weekend, but the rain put a stop to that.  Then I thought, maybe I can just put H in the picture.
Is that weird? Sending a Christmas card with just your child on it? I guess people do it all the time.
I found these ideas on pinterest and
This is adorable, but I wonder how it will turn out with H's curls.
How sweet is this! It's going to take  A LOT of hot dogs to keep my dog still for this picture.
This maybe the only family picture I can get M to agree on.
Have you ordered your Christmas card? Do you go picture or no picture?

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  1. Nope, not alone. Everyone is taking about their cards and we aren't taking family pics till this coming weekend. Will discounts still be available after next weekend? If not I'm just printing our pics on paper and bam, Christmas letter complete.