Wednesday, March 19, 2014

I miss you summer...

The Daily Tay

I can’t wait for summer because…

I need sunshine in my life. These gloomy days are for the birds. Life has a little more pep when the sun is shining.

I need a day at the pool in my life again

I want to wear shorts and sun dresses and tank tops… my summer wardrobe is ten times better than my winter wardrobe.

Because I long for the summer nights sitting on the deck drinking with friends

I miss seeing lighting bugs

Because I get just as excited as H when we hear the ice cream truck

Because every July we throw a huge party at my parents

Because my yard desperately needs sunshine and some pretty flowers and humming bird feeders

My skin is over due to be kissed by the sun

Can we say “SNOW CONES?”

Because nothing makes me happier than being at Busch Stadium watching the cardinals play


  1. baseball games are the best. i love them!

  2. There are no lightning bugs here! It's summer about 80% of the time, but not a single lightning bug to be had. Sad. :(