Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Last weekend, me, my main squeeze and the bambino skipped out on work and headed to Dallas. Have you been? We’ve been a few times. I LOVE Dallas.

Side note: Our options of being relocation has always been Dallas or back home to STL.
So naturally when we go to Dallas, I like to pretend I live there, while I scoured the streets for the closest Nordstrom Rack and Wine Bars.

There is so much to do in Dallas. You must try it.

I digress… M had a new route to take that would “miss all of the Dallas traffic” I was a good wife and zipped my know it all lips and let him take over. He was right, we missed the Dallas traffic but we added 2hrs to our drive. READ 2 hours more of listening to the Frozen Soundtrack. I can now say we ALL know every word to every song on the CD. Yes we added 2 more hours but it was fun #that’salie. They actually live in South Lake, so not his fault it took longer than usual.

I forgot all the stress that came along with planning the first birthday party. I have to give it to my friend, the morning of the party the caterer/food truck cancelled AND the bounce house guy cancelled… (Due to weather…which it rained that’s it… I was shocked) It was enough to send me straight to the bar but not this girl. She handled it with grace. I’m thinking about hiring her to plan all of H’s party from here on out. This mamma knows how to throw a party.

I think the hardest part was keeping H and me from this table of sin desert table.

Hello Kitty made an appearance.

This is M friend from high school (it was his daughter’s birthday)… we laughed at how things have changed. St. Patricks’ day usually was spend stumbling around an Irish bar with unlimited green beer… lol now these guys are dancing to “what does the Fox say, with hello Kitty”
The face painting was a hit as well.

Once the kiddo’s went into their sugar induce coma the adults were able to finally relax. It was so nice visiting with friends. It’s always a great time in Dallas

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  1. Don't you love going some place that feels like home?
    Looks like you all had a blast. And you have the cutest Hello Kitty I've ever seen!