Monday, March 24, 2014


We had a weekend full of cleaning, playing outside, shopping (of course) dinner and laughs with friends. Let’s focus on the shopping shall we?

My biggest accomplishment this weekend was shoes…. For sweet H. Girlfriend is super picky about every article that she wears. #shootme.

Saturday morning we headed to our favorite store The Toggery. I was mentally prepared for a shit show. My water cup may or may not of had vino in it. Either way I was mentally prepared to walk into the store and come out with wounds. We stretched, said a prayer, swigged on wine and walked in.

Of course we were greeted by this sweet lady, Joan. I wanted to warn her to run but of course she was all... Oh honey I’m used to this.

We pick sandals, we tried them on H said “nah, I don’t like those”
We tried Toms H said “Nah, too itchy”
We tried Keds, H said “no thanks, those are for babies”
We tried Keens, H said “No, those are for boys”
We tried sparkly Puma H said “I look like Barbie, let’s get these” I said, sweetie those are two sides too big… The tears start and I look at Joan and say “you can totally help someone else; I realize we have exceeded your limit of customer service."

Then I looked H and promise her a pony and told her to pick out her FAVORITE shoes, shoes that will make her run like Poison Ivy (yes, poison ivy… Her new obsession) she said… THESE…

I look at Joan and before I knew it she had H’s size and quickly put them on her feet.
I swear I heard “We are the Champions come on over the loud speaker”

I may or may not have busted out in a victory dance…

They were perfect. H put them on and ran as fast as she could around the store. Yelling “Look mamma, I’m fast”

This was a victory. She hasn’t taken them off, and now I’m no longer the mom that send her child to school in flip flops every day.

I’m thinking about writing New Balance a letter thanking them, and of course Ms. Joan... is on our will.

Did you have any victories this weekend?


  1. Aw, little lady has herself the sweetest pair of kicks! She's going to be a pavement pounder just like her momma.
    We survived our weekend - that's a pretty huge victory. For real.

  2. I want those shoes for Brooke! We're just starting to get into the opinionated about fashion stage and it's not as cute/fun as I thought it would be. :-/