Thursday, March 13, 2014

What's going on these days....

Top of the morning to you folks.

I have to apologize for being M.I.A lately. My life is just boring with a capital B these days. Unless you want to hear about frozen, Mickey Mouse club or how many miles I ran today…I got nothing.

Here’s what’s going on in our world:

I have Nashville Rock n Roll Marathon April 26th. Training is finally up to par. Can we just reflect on how hard it is to get up at 3:40am to run on the dang treadmill? Thank the man above for Spark and Argentine Extreme and yes… I mixed them. #it’sagoodtime

The bambino:
Sweet “baby” girl is growing so fast. Girlfriend now likes to get her hair straighten. (Totally gave M a heart attack he thinks she looks too old) She is showing her sweet side more and more these days. She’s learning about Liquid and Solids. So every night we have to point to 403,430 things and she will yell “liquid” “Solid” it’s so fun watching her little brain fill with knowledge. P.S. I don’t know who is more excited about Frozen coming out, me or her. We are totally these people:

I just love me some him. We are headed to Dallas this weekend for a little get away. You know me, I’ve packed our weekend with “Must Do’s” including shopping, fine dining, Zoo, too bad the Rangers are out of town… What else? Any readers from Dallas?
I had a little ah ha moment yesterday. I was packing and I realized my clothes were getting a smidge tight. It’s time to start eating to live and not living to eat (or what the hell ever that saying is) I gave up sweets for Lent and that is going well. But it’s time to stop cutting corners, like eating off of H’s plate, or just finishing the last of dinner so I can wash the dish, or sticking my sausage fingers in the cheese-it box. Summer will be here before you know it and I’m too vain to look chunky I have some cute clothes to wear.


  1. I haven't seen Frozen so I'm so excited about it coming out on Tuesday. I'm buying it for Jack but it's pretty much for me. Have a fun weekend in Dallas!

  2. I'm a tad jealous you have a 1/2 coming up so soon. My first of the year will be HH. I'm a little worried, as I generally run a FEW before that one. Please carry my body across the finish line if I die on the course.
    Everyone and their grandmother keeps talking about Frozen. Do you think M would like it? We have a ton of stuff going on, and a 2 hour distraction to keep him quiet (and still) would be AMAZING.
    Enjoy your get away!