Thursday, February 16, 2012

A baker in training

Soo... I had a bunch of banana's left over from my "let's live off of smoothie phase"

These banana's were just right for banana bread. So off I got to and find the only banana bread recipe that includes chocolate and rum.
I've always LOVED to bake.  I found my baking passion during Culinary School. All that other stuff was for the birds. I really could care less about menu planning, safe serve..blah blah blah..the best thing that came out of culinary school was my awesome BFF RACHEAL MARSHALL and my new and improved baking skills.

I really hope Hannah develops a love for baking. She was pretty darn excited to get in the kitchen with me tonight. *I'm sure the chocolate chips had nothing to do with it*

We we're all good and dandy until Daddy came home.

Total daddy's girl. She totally lost focus on the baking.

She was in the pantry searching for suckers

She was all over the place BUT.. we still managed to make delicious banana bread and muffins

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