Saturday, February 18, 2012

Kicking up the workout

I've officially hit a platue with my running. While running is still my stress reliever/weight loss plan/60 minutes of ME time. It's not bringing home the bacon...(mmm bacon) It's awesome at first. I can loose weight like nothing once I REALLY start running. We'll I guess my body is tired of the same ol running routine.
 Let's face it, I'm working out to be skinny and of course to be  healthy falls in there too. 
It's the honest truth. So on to another work out plan...

P90X aka extreme home fitness

P90x is a box full of CD's that will kick your butt into skinnyness!Check it out

 after oh...3 minutes of the warm up i was thinking... what in the world was I thinking? Treadmill.... Where are you? I could barely walk after my first completed cd. 
The beef cake that  leads the work out Tony Horton... keeps the workout simple and steady. I am seriously huffing and puffing through this thing. I also love that there is a little timer on the bottom corner of the screen so it tells you EXACTLY how many more minutes are left.

Hannah of course is my mini me. What ever I do..she is doing.

My goal is to complete all the CD's. I've been alternating running with the Cardio CD. I swear If I get on the scale in a week and there is no change...I'll will be one ticked off girl!

So of course as soon as I start my "Let's get skinny for my skinny summer clothes and our beach trip" my husband decided to start working out. We'll I don't know about your husband, but when my husband starts a work out plan he drops 20 pounds in no time. ME..I'm eating rice cakes and sucking on ice..running my big bootie off and maybe dropping (and gaining) the same darn 5 pounds. frustrating.

BUT...based on Beef Cake Tony Horton.."Workout with me and you'll be SHOCKED by the results" Come on BABY and SHOCK ME!!

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  1. P90X is a great workout. I've only done a few of the cds but I love them. Yoga and Ab Ripper X are my favs. I'm always sore following them.