Sunday, February 26, 2012

Photo Bucket

Hannah's feet are going like crazy. She's now in a size 6 . Here she is after she tried on her new pair of TOMS 

Girlfriend LOVES to jump on the bed!

 we had a REALLY warm day  last week and I had some extra canvas laying around the house. I thought we'd take advantage of the warm weather. H loved to paint. *and yes she's naked...paint it hard to get out of clothes*

Hannah loves to brush her teeth.  We picked up a toothbrush with a suction bottom...H thought it was the coolest thing in town.
Don't you love Manny's face..

Hannah has been sleeping very well *ALONE* in her big girl bed

She loves her babies...

I'm all for ethnic babies. BUT this Aunt Jemima baby freaks me out. I have no idea where my MIL found this baby

Hannah has to sleep with a baby every night. It's really sweet and amazing how she cares for her babies. She rocks them, gives them their bottles, and even takes them for walks in the stroller. I really hope she stays a girlie girl.

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  1. She's sooo sweet! I'll buy those TOMS when she outgrows them! :)