Friday, January 24, 2014

Can we talk movies for a hot minute?

M and I LOVE movies. It’s our thing. It’s pretty sad how excited we get to view the “new releases” on Tuesdays. Uverse is practically our “other spouse”

When we first started dated dinner and a movie was our jam. Now that we have the bambino it’s curbside dinner… a movie…. on the couch….. in our jammies. Which is totally fine with me. You practically have to sell a kidney to go to the movie these days.

We splurge last week and actually went to the movies to see The Lone Survivor.

Hello the saddest movie in America.
My goodness. I don’t know why I was expecting rainbows and butterflies. The name tells it all. It was a good movie, a little too graphic for me. Who really wants to see a guy get his head blown off? They left NOTHING for the imagination. I do have to say the ending was better than I expected. But putting it on the “one time is enough for me list”
Maybe I’ve been struck by cupid’s arrow but have you seen the previews for all of the gushy love story movies that are coming out in Feb. #allsingleladiesstepawayfromthecliff
Endless Love:
About last night:
Kevin Hart Cracks me up
What about you? Do you like Movies?


  1. HAHAHA! I have to see the Kevin Hart movie-

  2. My husband is a HUGE movie fanatic! I'm talking he watches just about every single movie that comes out. I'm more of a tv gal myself because I usually can't sit down long enough to watch a whole movie. I do love comedies and romantic comedies. I also like a good drama. I HATE scary movies. We watched Prisoners on Redbox the other day. Have you seen it? If not, you got to because it is sooooo good!

  3. We love movies. Every time we go home, or have a family member fly out to babysit we sneak away to the movies. The hardest part is finding something S and I *both* agree on. I like most of the stuff he's into, but he is such a sally when it comes to watching chick flicks with me. UGH!
    It's ridiculous how much movies cost. When we were home we paid $12 for both of us to get in. That's usually the matinee price out here!