Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Day 2

Let us pray.

I first want apologize to those who felt the wrath of my hunger yesterday. I was hungry and was not thinking straight. I will try to do better today. But to my defense everyone has been warned..

Day 2 was hard.

I woke up feeling great after seeing results on the scale. I ate my breakfast and headed out the door with H. I packed her bag of snacks since we’d be out running errands for most of the morning. Nobody wants to deal with a hungry mamma and a hungry 3 year old.

We headed off to the beauty shop. Things were perfect there. I wasn’t really hungry. I however had to fight the urge to stay out of H’s snack bag. The smell of the buttery popcorn almost sent me over the top. I resisted.

I left the salon feeling hungry and with a heart of regret. I don’t know what came over me. I told my beautician to just cut whatever she wanted off. Um… now my hair is short…like real short. #friendsdon’tletfriendscuttheirhairwhendieting

M loves it. It’s growing on me.

We ran a few errands and then headed home for feeding time. My lunch: 5 saltine crackers and a can of tuna (aka cat food). It was NASTY. I managed to get it down out of starvation. Oh man, the smell of that tuna.

H’s lunch: Pizza. do you know how hard it was to make her home made pizza? It took prayer for me to resist.

Needless to say, I was hungry and counting the hours down until dinner.

I was miserable most of the day.

M sent me this semi sweet text. It helped a little. I'd rather him send me a pizza but what ev

Dinner was the best part of my day.

Dinner: 2 hot dogs, broccoli, carrots and ½ cup of ice-cream. I was so happy to eat; I swear a tear rolled down my face. Honestly, I was full after one hot dog. But I ate the other one anyway.

I drank my coffee (with creamer) watch some tv and went to bed before the hunger could set in.

Down one more pound this morning.

Total 5 pounds. I’ll take it.

Today’s meal: Don’t blink or you’ll miss it.

Day Three

•Black coffee/tea
•5 saltine crackers
•1 slice cheddar cheese
•1 apple

•1 hard-boiled egg
•1 slice toast
•Black coffee/tea

•1 cup tuna or chicken or turkey
•1 cup carrots or beets
•1 cup cauliflower, cantaloupe, banana or greens
•½ cup vanilla ice cream
•½ cup cantaloupe

It's hump day! one day closer until I can have wine the weekend.

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  1. Your meals are for the birds. Literally.
    I don't know how you're doing it, but way to stick with it.
    P.S. Can you send me a link, or reference me to this particular diet? I'm curious to know more. And, maybe test my marriage and my husband a little.