Monday, January 27, 2014

What I learned this weekend

What I learned this weekend…


He’s pretty effing fantastic. He has a heart of gold and he works his arse off for his family. I didn’t realize how much he really appreciated me getting up in the mornings and making him breakfast. It was just something I did. I mean I gotta feed H so mine as well throw some eggs down M’s throat. I also learned how much of a softy he is with H and finally I realize its ok. Those two have a special bond and who am I to judge. I was the same way with my dad.


Oh my sweet H. She hates panties. Like really hates wearing them. #helpme. Since I leave for work at 5am, M has to get her dressed. I hear it’s a battle. So this weekend we took Miss Priss shopping. We tried EVERY item of clothing on before we purchased it. We tried a gazillion items on and we walked out with five. There were two shirts that she liked so we bought them in every color. She is one strong willed girl. I hope she never changes. We had so much fun this weekend just being girls. We did nails, shopped, had a pizza party and spend hours outside. H taught me just to enjoy life this weekend.


We are discussing Luke in church. WOW… I mean it really makes me realize I need to do better. Our pastor said this phrase that really hit home with me:
“Some Christians want to spend eternity with Christ, BUT they don’t want to spend time with Christ now” (we’ll something to that effect…my memory isn’t what it used to be)
That is so true. WE (meaning I) know without a doubt I am going to heaven, but that doesn’t mean I don’t need to spend time with Christ every day. Yes, church on Sunday is great but I need to be in the word every day. (I mean Gesh, look at my sailor mouth) I need to do better with my daily devotions. I would love to find one to do with H every night. Any suggestions?


I’ve been blessed with some really great friends here in AR. It’s just amazing how God brings people into your life at the right time. Do you ever get that feeling to just send a friend a random text, just telling them how great they are? Or send a random card just to make someone’s day. I learned this week to listen to my gut and send that text…because it really does mean a lot to the person on the other end.

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  1. We have a couple of "Kids Bibles" that are pretty great. One of them focuses on stories of great men in the Bible - but very much kid friendly. Here is something similar, but focuses on some pretty great women in the Bible:
    It might be fun to read a story, or two, each night, and then have a little discussion. Just a thought. :)