Monday, January 6, 2014


January: Currently

Ignoring the fact that my house is a total disaster. Laundry is cleaned NOT put away. Toys are everywhere. Yet instead of cleaning yesterday M, H and I had an indoor soccer game. Making Memories folks making memories. I’ll clean my house when H’s goes to college and I have nothing else to do.

Listenting to Songza. Have you tried it? I love it and I just found the fancy “concierge” section where I can jam to all of my ’00 hits, cause I’m cool like that. AND I only like songs that I know the words to.

Planning on going the entire month of January without shopping READ useless spending. It’s horrible. M and I try to build a little nest egg during the months of January, February and sometime March but by then I’m bursting at the seams to buy anything.

Scouring places for vacation. I want something tropical. Like a sandals all inclusive vacation for just M and I to celebrate our 5 year wedding anniversary this September… bring the magic back. Bochica wow wow

Pretending that I’m eating like I should be and running all of my daily miles. It’s just so cold outside…

Drinking lots of orange juice and hot totties. Sickness has once again hit our household.

Smiling about how sweet my husband is…he just amazes me everyday

Anticipating our tax refund. Gotta strick while the iron is hot. See scouring places for vacation.

Struggling with getting my butt in gear. I need to learn a little something about discipline.

How is your January starting off?


  1. Hope the sickness leaves your house soon - we're battling it too in my house.

  2. It's hard to get movitvated to, say, get out of sweats, when it's NEGATIVE a BILLION outside! I keep looking at my training schedule and thinking, "I'll run those miles when we get back home" ...
    Go to Hawaii. Maui, specifically. Or Cabo. Or the Virigin Islands. Or anywhere that doesn't get snow.