Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Currently – 1. At the present time.

Watching the new HBO series True Detective. I’m totally lost. It’s good but it’s hard to follow.

Loving leggings. Because that is all the fits, They are super comfy and pretty much go with anything. AR weather can’t decide if it’s summer or winter. The high yesterday way 71 today 34. I miss you summer

Listening to the frozen soundtrack. H LOVES it. I’m pretty excited for the movie to come out on DVD.

Praying for babies. Praying for my Bestie’s baby that she continues to nurse and grow into a healthy baby, praying for another friends baby as she gets tubes in her ears today, praying for my baby every day that she doesn’t fight us to put panties on. The lord hears all our prayers right?! Lol

Admitting to sneaking into H’s Cheetos last night. Those 6 Cheetos were glorious. I miss junk food. I just keep telling myself “summer bodies are made in the winter”
Feeling frustrated with work, my weight and the fact that we are in limbo with M’s job. I have no patience.

Drinking hot tea at night, pretending its wine. I’ve committed to no drinking M-Th #holdme

Appreciating my husband. We are in a good place right now. I swear I tell him daily how much I appreciate him. He thinks I’m trying to butter him up for Valentine’s day
#he knowsmetowell

Learning to eat better. I’ve cut out junk food and really cleaned up my eating. This better pay off

Excited to head to STL in a few weeks to see friends and family

Anticipating, a move…

Bummed that my mom is transferring back to STL in August. We are going to miss her

Wishing, this weight would fall off faster

Hoping, I’m being the best mamma to Miss H.

What are you currently doing?


  1. I'm currently reading blogs and watching American Idol. I got a wisdom tooth pulled at 3:30 and it is killing me right now. Please pain killers kick in soon!!!!

  2. Currently… *wishing* I had a glass (hell, a bottle) of wine.
    Planning a birthday party, and having no idea where it will actually take place.
    Wondering where the heck we're going to be living in 2 months.

  3. You are a phenomenal mama, FACT. Your mom is moving back to STL? And, I'm right there with you - currently wearing - leggings.