Thursday, January 30, 2014

Day 1

Shall we review?

Day one of the crash/Ethiopian diet.

Woke up feeling great. Especially after weighing myself. Like every morning I started my day with a cup of coffee. The diet calls for black coffee only. This girl likes a little cream in her coffee... (don't believe me, look at my husband... small joke)

I digress

I'm a creamer addict. I have 4 types of creamer in my fridge at all times. Apparently creamer is full of junk that makes you fat. So I skimmed it down and just put the recommend serving size of one tablespoon in my coffee.

What I learned:

I'm using way too much creamer.

When I got to work I drank more cups of coffee and two waters. The plan was to fill up on drinks and eat breakfast as late in the day as I could stand it. I usually eat breakfast by 6am. I was cool calm and collective and then bam my co worker warmed up her breakfast... a delicious breakfast burrito. (GET BEHIND ME SATAN) I just kept my little hands busy with work. I held out until 7am and ate my breakfast. My little pathetic breakfast: one slice of toast, one slice of cheese and a can of pink grapefruit juice. which surprisingly filled me up.

I kept pumping the water. I felt fine until lunch then everyone and their mom started eating cheeseburgers and chicken potpies I skipped my usually lunch break at 11am and just drank water. I really wanted to spread my meals out since I knew I wouldn't be eating dinner until 6am.

What I learned:

why in the world was I so worried about my next meal? What's that phrase... Eat to live, don't live to eat.

Here is where things went a little cray cray..

By 11:30 I was hungry and angry...

I was super excited to eat.

I warm my lunch up and head to the table to inhale my food... and BOOM

I drop my lunch on the floor

I thought to myself.... "does the five second rule apply when you work in a hospital?" um no unless you want to catch a nasty virus.

Thankfully I was able to run down to the cafe and grab an overpriced grilled chicken sandwhich (hold the bun)

I was a tad hungry by dinner time.

I had dinner and sulked a little then carried my hungry self to bed.

Let's jump on the honest train... apparently this post didn't post when I wrote it two days ago. Sorry for the out of orderness for these reviews.

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