Wednesday, January 8, 2014

He’s no Mickey Mouse

Happy Wednesday EVERYONE!! We are one day closer to the weekend!!

Let me tell you about my friend I encountered yesterday….

Some of you may know I am a city girl at heart. READ: I don’t do things that crawl, slither, sting or smell. I’m all for being outdoors but I prefer it to be on a boat with a glass of wine in hand.

I totally think we live in the country. I mean for the love of Pete, if you can go outside and see frogs, snakes or deer you are basically living in a zoo. Who needs tickets? We’re running a special.

I digress

Yesterday I was chatting on the phone with my friend L (who is totally due with her first bundle of joy at any moment) when I looked out in the back yard. I see this “thing” crawling on the ground under the bird feeder. I think “oh it’s just a little bunny, trying to get some food” then I saw the tail… the long tail that basically gave me the finger like “yep, I’m all up in your backyard, eating all your bird feed” so naturally I scream (and go lock the door, because you just can’t trust things that eat bird seed)

I apologize to L for screaming in her ear and continue with our conversation on how to induce labor.

Fast forward 2 min.

Me: I wonder why the bird feeder is swinging
L: ugh, will you just focus amie
Me: OH MY GAWD…that beast is in the bird feeder eating my bird seed
L: That is sick, go take a picture
Me: ok

I go out with my phone and by “go out” I mean walk 10 feet from the door and stretch as far as I can to snap a picture. I was still a good 25yards from the feeder. I was scared. So I go get my “real” camera, you know the one with the zoom and snap a picture. Once I see the beast I freak out.

And like any strong willed women would do in this situation I…

Call my husband.

His country fried ass told me to “just leave it alone” it will go away. Then he continued to tell me that having creatures meant we live in a good environment. Blah blah blah. When did he become Mike the wilderness man?

So I call my dad. Of course my dad wants me to face time him and get closer so he can see what it was. At this point I thought the thing was stuck. It wasn’t moving. And the last thing I wanted was a dead thing stuck in my feeder. After many attempts to get close to it (while repeating “I can do all things through Christ” and carrying a rake for protection) I took M’s advice and left it alone.

It did finally go away, and you better believe I took the feeder down. We don’t need this nasty thing coming back.

That my friend is its tail hanging from the feeder! NASTYNESS


  1. Oh.....hayl NO!!!!! I would've freaked out!

  2. Aggghhhhhhh! Goosebumps all up and down my arms and neck. GROSS!

  3. Oh Amie girl, you make me laugh! I actually was snickering as I read this. I think I would have been scared too! I don't care too much for rodence!