Thursday, January 26, 2012

A trip to the firehouse

On one of our previous/many trips to St.Louis (notice I now refer to it as "St. Louis", NOT "Home" it's official and mentally noted we are "Southerners") we had time to visit my dad at the Firehouse.

Hannah had a ball...running ALL around the station.

She climed in the front seat. She wasn't too sure about the how high she was.

She had fun in Papaw's dirty locker

"Shut the door please"

There were so many buttons for her to push..she was in button heaven.

Fun in the boots!!

Nothing was safe. She wanted to explore the entire station.

Stopped at one of the T.V's to watch a little Barney.

We had so much fun. And of course it made my dad's day.

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