Monday, November 26, 2012

Turkey Trot 2012

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.
Seriously Thanksgiving? Where does the time go?
Before I gorged myself in Thanksgiving Yummies. I got my ass up and ran a 10k with Marcia
When I was on my “I can’t stop signing up for runs” high. I convinced myself that I needed to be like the other 1,000 people in Webster Groves, Mo and run a 10k on Thanksgiving. I'm so glad I did.
I got up around 5am and quietly rumbled through all of my 3 suitcases for my running gear. I so should have laid everything out the night before but I was too busy chatting it up with my family. (I LOVE being in STL) Even though I slacked on my weekly runs, I ran on Tuesday but only a light run. I was still nursing my hip. I felt pretty good about my run.
After I searched around for my outfit. I ate a lunar bar and drank some water. I’m still working on my pre-run nutrition. I’m just not that hungry before runs. PLUS I don’t want  be running and end up having a moment. “YOU NEVER KNOW WHEN IT”S GOING TO HIT YA”  What? TMI?

So anyways, I headed down to pick up my bestie Marcia. Who has recently declared her independence and moved to a new place on her own. So I wanted to get there with plenty of time to snoop look around her place. Which is ADORABLE! Totally sex in the city Webster Grove's style.
We headed to downtown Webster. Chatting the entire way like high school girls.
It was pretty dang cold outside. I totally was not prepared for the artic.
Marcia looked adorable in her XL-T-shirt made into a Pocahontas costume.
It was adorable. I however can’t follow directions and JACKED my costume up. I think the words were “I look like I’ve been attached by Edward scissor hands"
I was able to borrow an old costume from a co-worker but It ended up not working.
So I stuck with just the headband. We did get plenty of “you guys look adorable” comments.
After our trips to the nasty port-a potties we headed for the start line. We had planned on running together. But she gave me energy gels and I swear it was like crack. I took off. Then I looked to myself and didn’t see Marcia so I slowed my roll and found her. Then I looked back and she was gone again. I looked back again and she gave me a little “it’s ok” and I kept running. I thought maybe I’d look at my pace and I was at 8:23. WHAT?! Say HUH? What were in those things? SO then it turned into a personal goal. Stay under 9minutes. (sorry Marcia, I’ve got problems) And I did. I ran my little heart out. It did help that my hip was in check and by in check I mean I could run like I was 31 (ouch that hurt to write) and not 81.
I LOVE LOVE LOVE Webster groves. It’s such a small friendly community. You should have seen the crowd that was out there cheering people on. One kid even had donuts. (which I seriously considered stopping and shoving the entire plate down my throat) oh, and the scenery was beautiful too.

All in all it was a nice run. I PR’d! 53 minutes! I’ll take it.


I absolutely cannot wait to get to Memphis Saturday and drink it up with my girls on Beale Street- I mean run my half marathon

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