Saturday, November 3, 2012

Have you ever heard of a rest...

WEEK! Yep. Rest Week.
I don't remember seeing that on the couch to half marathon training
So what... who cares if I took a week off
I did it
I took a full 6 days off
Not one mile ran
Not one mile
I was busy ( I know I know everyone is busy)
I had family in town
I was tired
Friends in town
Too much going on
Not one day did I put my needs first. (which is why I was a total  all BIOTCH week)
I really don't think I wanted to be alone with my thoughts.
I was out of GU
I "needed" a new sports bra
I wanted to sit outside with my family and drink a I did.

So now this week. I need to get my butt back in gear. Starting today.

I will not drink one sip of delicious alcohol
I will drink TONS of water
I will run everyday
I will get back in my routine
I will go buy more GU plus some BLOK that Marcia swears by
I will put my needs first
I won't cry when I am alone with my thoughts. Instead I will use that time to pray.
 PRAY. PRAY. PRAY. did I mention PRAY.

We are down to the final four weeks!!!

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  1. I'm praying right there with you! :) Miss you!