Sunday, November 18, 2012

Spa Run

Yesterday, I woke with the farmers and road tripped it to Hot Springs for the Spa 10K run. To say it was freezing is a total understatement.
I talked my mom into the festivities. We got the the race a little early but thankfully they opened the convention center where we could wait inside and gawk at all the professional, hot, tan, men runners who where stretching stay warm.
By race time it had warmed up to a hot breezy 40 degrees. I peeled off my northface and gloves and thought warm happy thoughts. We were corralled by our pace. I bravely stood in the 9 pace and mentally noted who I should buddy up with to stay on pace.
Seriously there was a old guy running with a cane and a trash bag around him He may have been lost I don't know but old man river was running that race. 
8:00am the gun goes off and we scatter like roaches. I cross the start line and "push" start on my garmin. It starts off pretty nice. We run through downtown Hot Springs. I'm easily entertained by the scenery. Once we make it through downtown HS we turn into a neighborhood. I think..."hmm this is going too smooth, I wonder how far we've gone" I look down at my garmin and seriously it says 0.00
REALLY AMIE? You didn't hit start?! ugh...I swear my roots are blond.
We quickly approached what looked like Art Hill to me, but they called it West Mountain. This hill was brutal. I contemplated throwing myself over it but I didn't want to ruin my outfit. So I kept running..and running..and when I got to the top I pop a Shot Bloks and ran as fast as I could down that mountain. It was a pretty course. I'll probably run this again next year.
I didn't do awesome but I did finish under 60 minutes. Finished 57:07
Oh remember how I brought my mom so she can take pictures of me crossing the finish line for moral support? I didn't see her as I crossed the finish line, which is OK. I knew I could find her at the "beer barn" Once we met up, she told me how good she did with the pictures and how she got some "good ones" . When I went to look at them...NADA..NOTHING... NOT one picture.  Apparently mom was hitting the wrong button. I swear her roots are blond sometimes. Seriously she asked  "Where is your phone Amie?"I said, "In YOUR hands mom".. Bless her.
So she attempted to recreate some pictures
FAIL!! She was still having problems with the camera...bless her
There we go mom...
Then a guy in the "Beer Barn" asked if he could take our picture (with his cell phone) and we're like sure, all stupid and we get together and the look on our face says it all..."um...we are letting this random stranger take our picture on HIS cell phone?"
So, We finished our beers and got the heck out of dodge. Being chained to someone's water heater was not on the post race agenda.

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