Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Halloweenie

 H was too excited for Halloween....but first...look how much my baby has grown.
1st Halloween
2nd Halloween
3rd Halloween
Oh my word...someone please stop the girl is growing WAY too fast!!
H loved trick or treating!
I came home and H was knocked out on the couch. Papaw wore her out at the park.
She was big time...she was way too grown for the wagon.
 She was a little weary about the scary costumes but she was a trooper. We only went to a couple houses then we went back to the house to give out candy to the 200 kids that were waiting at the house. she loved giving candy out. she kept saying.. "my turn' lol too cute!
Seriously so thankful for my family...#soblessed
Once we ran out of candy we went in the house an attempted to watch scary movies. But H got into her candy and took her clothes off and ran around the house like a crazy person.
 Thanks dad!

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