Tuesday, June 25, 2013


The circus came to town a few weeks ago. We'd thought we'd take Mike back to his true family! HA, Me so funny!
We always went to the circus as a kid. And when I say "we" I mean my family always went while I was out of town on a sports trip. They would always say "hey, we can't help that you travel so much" They didn't even bring me any cotton candy back. I think I'm still a  little bitter.
So when the circus was a coming to LR, I was so excited. You should have seen M's face. He   personally thinks the "carnies" are a little weird. But what ev, we were going and we were getting cotton candy!
Isn't she sassy...We are in trouble!
I have to tell you, the hour before the show was the best part. We were able to walk around and see the animals up close.
It was so much fun, they sang crazy circus songs and played jump rope
We had fun, we sang,  we laughed at the Corny jokes, we oohed and aah when the guy juggled fire, we bought our $12.00 cotton candy and left intermission.

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  1. The hour before DOES look like the best part!
    And, you left at intermission?! HA!!!