Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Memphis Zoo

Memorial day weekend, we'd thought we'd take full advantage of the extra day off. We loaded the honkey tonk truck and set out for the Memphis Zoo.

Has anyone ever been?

It was our first time going. We were pretty excited about the day trip. Plus we went to the Little Rock Zoo previously and let me just tell you to save your money. It's was piss poor. like bad. Like the poor giraffe was chained up to a pool on the black top. I mean really? It was sad. I give it a two and that's only because the parking was super close.

I digress.

The Memphis Zoo got a solid 5. (what can I say, the St. Louis Zoo is the BEST) It was a lot bigger than the LR ZOO. It didn't cost us an arm and a leg to get in. The animals seemed pretty happy...we'll except for this guy

I'm pretty sure he's talking himself off the ledge...poor little fella...he just wants to run wild and free. Instead he gets to hear bratty kids hit the glass all day.

The sting rays were pretty cool. Of course H and I were too scared to touch them. Shoot...we heard about Crocodile Hunter...mamma didn't raise no fool.

Seriously, This picture makes me so sad. H looks so grown up.

This little fella..was a huge hit. We recently found a turtle in our back yard. H fell in love with it. She loved seeing this turtle walking around the zoo. She of course wanted to take it home.
We had a great time in Memphis, we'll defiantly go back.
After the zoo we ventured to Tunica. M gambled and H and I hit up the outlet mall. We enjoyed our weekend away. Hope everyone had a safe Memorial Day.

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  1. Oh my goodness, the LR zoo sounds terrible. A giraffe was really chained up? How is that legal?!
    The Memphis Zoo, however, sounds awesome!!
    Now, where the hell is the HH 1/2 post?!?!!