Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Little Miss H

Our little Miss H will be three years old next month....

While I am so excited to get out of the terrible two's, I am so sad that she is growing so fast.

We decided about a month ago to enroll her in "School". This was such a hard decision for me. While H was more than ready. I just wasn't ready to trust complete strangers to care for my child.

H was so safe and clean and slightly spoiled at her current sitter. We loved Ms. S. She took such good care of H. She seriously loved H like her own. We felt that it was time for H to learn that the world didn't revolve around her. bless her only child heart. She is rotten. So, what do we do? we throw her in with a bunch of children and force her to share. HA!

Seriously H is an angel. I don't know about you but my child acts like an angel for other people. It's so not fair.

H loves school. She loves going, she is making friends, she's running, taking field trips, learning to share, cleaning her plate, and most importantly sleeping like a rock at night. (in her own bed might I add)

We really feel like we made the right decision to enroll her in school. The plus side of our some country town is she will be with the kids all through her school years. (unless god willing M's job takes us back to STL)

While we are sad that she is growing so fast before our eyes, we are so thankful for our little sassy H.


  1. Oh my god, she is the cutest little thing.
    I'm totally shipping my kid off to school when he's three. I've even heard of a "school" that starts as early as 2.5. Better believe I'm looking into that. Love my child, but he needs some interaction other than mommy all day long (and mommy feels bad when a glass of wine sounds amazing at 9AM).

  2. Ha! Thanks. You wouldn't believe how much more she is learning being around other kids!

  3. I DIE! She is too darn adorable!!! Yay for school!