Tuesday, June 18, 2013

There is no friend closer than a sister

My sis (AJ) came to visit me this past weekend. I love me some her. She is the most gentle spirited person you’ll ever meet. Until you mess with her dog or DVR. Then she’ll dough pop you in the face and not think twice about it.
Saturday we woke up with the birds and hit up a few yard sales. That has been my thing lately. I get up super early and instead of going for a long run  I go spend money. Ha! I usually only go for about an hour. BUT little miss H has hit a major growth spurt. All those 2T-3T outfits I bought last summer on clearance hoping she could wear them this summer...yeah those are all in a box because she says they are too tight. (if I hear the words they are too tight one more time, I promise you I will lose my sanity.)
So, thankfully we live in a subdivision where apparently the “in thing” is to have babies…so I reap the benefits of their lightly used baby gap clothes.
Anyway, AJ and I saw signs for “neighborhood yard sale” of course we went. Little did we know “neighborhood” meant retirement neighborhood. We should have known, by the amount of plastic bags. What is it with old people/seasoned people and plastic groceries bag? They were everywhere. This one lady, had everything in plastic bag with a sign that said “ $1.00” AJ being so sweet and innocent asked what was in the bags, the lady said “oh I don’t know…junk?” ha! Really?
The next house sat a very large man with no shirt on, not sure if he had pants on but he did have a very large cane that he kept waving at people.
The very last house, had plastic bags, a man with a cane, 300 top hats, a plastic dog, a bird cage and a very old wedding dress. The geriatric lady was very sweet and started talking to AJ, (I did the sisterly thing and left her ass) Remember how I told you how sweet AJ was, well she was so sweet and patient talking to…PEARL until PEARL’s dentures fell out. HA! She said they were slippery because she just brushed them. HA AJ face was classic.
That my friends concluded our yard sale adventures. We spend the afternoon shopping and had lunch.  It’s always fun to have my sister around
We spent the remainder of the afternoon basking in the sun- drinking cosmo.
I was super sad telling her good bye Sunday. BUT thankfully (not really) her little bucket car wouldn’t start. So she’s still here. I told her it was God’s way of telling her to stay. She didn’t find that funny. We are praying she can get her car fixed without having to sell a kidney. Until then we are enjoying our extra days with AJ

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  1. Your rummage sale experience sounds freaking hilarious! Poor, poor Pearl. Haaaaa!!!