Tuesday, June 18, 2013


So, I have great memories of my grandparents. One of my greatest memories was my grandpa and his garden. Me standing at a whopping 3 feet tall made those corn stalks seem as tall as the empire state building. I loved walking through the garden with my grandpa. We’d pick the corn and throw them in a little basket. Grandpa would have a cigar hanging out of his mouth. Little coco (the chocolate toy poodle) would be following behind us. Ah memories.
I always said when I have my own house. I’d have a garden. Of course I’d love harvest (you like that? I feel all farmer-ish) enough to never have to buy vegetables from the overprices Kroger but, let’s just be honest (aint nobody got time for that)  So we plant the usual. Squash, tomatoes, peppers. Etc.

So this year when it was time to plant the garden, my lovely husband decided he wanted to put his two cents in, I mean participate. Bless him, he went to Lowes and bought the entire garden section. He came back with a truck load of manure, miracle grow, seeds, tools, gloves, etc.  Sometimes you just have to let them go…
He spent hours out there preparing for the harvest (ha there I go again) while I sat and drank wine, And sort of helped.

He evenly divided the garden into 3 equal quadrants and began planting his seeds.

Buzzed from my wine, I carelessly threw my seeds in the ground without any type of measurement.
This is what we got….

A plethora of harvest from my quadrants.
What have we gotten from M’s quadrant? Nothing.

I’ve noticed a few rabbit droppings.

His little farmer feelings were hurt.

To this date:
Amie’s quadrant: 10-12 Squash
Mike’s quadrant: rabbit turds

I told him my side was planted with love…that’s the key.
Maybe next year he’ll leave the gardening to me J

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  1. BAHA!!! Amie’s quadrant: 10-12 Squash
    Mike’s quadrant: rabbit turds
    I'm dying over here!!!
    Growing up I had the same feeling when I walked through my grandpa's corn fields. Those stalks were SO TALL!