Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Whatever Wednesday

It's whatever Wednesdays!! This girl has been slack-a-lacking these days with her blog. My apologies, I promise to do better next week.

Here we go!

SO WHAT.....

  • If I have yet to buy M a Father's day gift. I always talk about him being super last minute and here I am days before and not a clue what to buy him
  • If I haven't ran in a week. Tonight I killed it.
  • If I skipped my hills tonight for the treadmill. It was freaking 98 degrees outside at 5pm.
  • If I slightly left a few dollars off when M ask how much it would be to reserve a bounce house for H's bday
  • If I have a slight shopping problem, a girls got needs
  • if M has more patience with drives me insane that he never raises his voice or curse. Dang, he's so patient. I love me some him
  • If my part of the garden is voluptuous and M's side is barley showing any signs of growth.
  • If my laundry is completely out of control I despise folding that shit and putting it away 
  • If I run from the crazy janitor at work. She won't leave me alone. I try to be nice but now I've become her BFF, I don't care that your husband lied to you, no I'm not your daughter please stop telling people that, yes I know all the books of the bible, I'm sorry I don't have time to teach you. And I'm sorry I'm not sorry for acting like I don't hear you when you YELL my name down the hall. #whereisyourhometraining
That's all folks, I got to hit the hay, this girl has happy hour after work tomorrow!!


  1. "I slightly left a few dollars off when M ask how much it would be to reserve a bounce house..." - BAHA!
    My hubs is the same way with our little man. Hubby has so much more patience. Probably because he sees him 500 times less than I do.

  2. I nominated you for a Liebster - check out today's post :)