Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Hospital Hill Race

So, someone...who shall rename nameless echem Marcia came up with the idea to run the Hospital Hill Run. (to be totally honest I think it was my idea but for story purposes we'll blame M) We tried to convince our other friends to run with us, but they all said to count them out of any race has the name "Hill" and "Hospital" in it.

Let me let you in on a little secret about Marcia and I. We are ALWAYS up for a race.  Especially if it includes a drive (which turns into hours of catching up/gossiping) then if you throw in hotel with your own bed, shopping and wine we are in.

I was more than excited to spend the weekend with my bestie. I flew to STL Thursday after work. DURING the storm. Have you ever boarded a plane while the tornado sirens are going off? yeah, it was a little nerve racking but thankfully I had drink tickets.

side note: I ended up on a different flight semi on purpose, I sat next to a super nice lady. After we got to talking we discovered we were neighbors and had girls the same age. We hit it off and we have totally made plans to get together. SMALL WORLD

Friday we set out for KCMO. We checked in, went to the EXPO, got our packets, checked into our room, changed and met our KCMO friend for dinner. We pigged out/carb loaded and was in bed before the sun went down. It was glorious. A bed to myself, pillow's to myself, just enough booze to make me sleep like a baby. cologne take me away.

Saturday morning we woke up with the birds. We were a little nervous. BUT we were so glad that our hotel was close enough to walk to the starting line. we took our GU, stretched and prayed.

I have to say, this is by far the most organized race I have ever ran. When the horn went off there was no weaving and bobbing between people. It was smooth sailing... well except for the hill that showed it's ugly face from the get go.

seriously the first three miles were the worst. Marcia and I stuck together. She is such a motivator. after the first hill I promise you I told Marcia to leave me. I was so ready to give up. I wanted to walk that entire race. BUT no she had to go and be a great friend and say "just keep going, keep moving, just do a little trot" I wish I could bottle her up and take her on every run with me.

After mile 6 my legs must have gone numb, or the GU finally kicked in. I found my grove. yes, my pace was slow. like real slow but I was running it and to be honest I was enjoying the race and the hills. What goes up must go down.

The hardest part of the race was around mile 5. It was right around the KCU campus. seriously it was at least a mile long of gradual up hill. I was looking for a cliff to throw myself off of. My legs were on fire. It was horrible. AND on top of it all, I realized M and I had lost each other. I was running this hill alone.

I heard a saying at the expo that said "WHEN I CAN'T I MUST" I kept repeating that to myself. oh and let's not forget the "This is why you train amie" RUN!

To be totally honest, this was the hardest race I've ever ran. But in the same breath, I really enjoyed this race. It made me want to live in KCMO. It was a beautiful race, no rain. There was something really peaceful about this course. Maybe it was the weather I don't know but I enjoyed it so much, that I plan on doing it again next year. (hopefully DESIREE will join us)

Not to mention we received fancy sports jackets

After the race, we hit up "THE PLAZA" for some shopping and food. We found a great restaurant called "Season's 25" I think  Everything on the menu was healthy and under 500 calories.

We meet up with some friends after dinner, went to a wine tasting and it was all down hill after that. Just ask M. She woke up with battle wounds.

I had so much fun. I couldn't be more proud of myself and M for completing this race. Yes my pace was slow, yes I added 10 min to my PR but I finished this race (time 2:21) and I'm so proud.


  1. !st -- 2:21 for HH is an AWESOME TIME!!!
    2nd -- Just listening to you describe the course has me aching to run it. I'm going to make HH happen next year. So, plan on running it again!
    3rd -- You're so right. HH is by far one of the most organized races out there. Everything just clicks like it's supposed to.
    4th -- Jealous of your run, AND jealous of your time spent on the Plaza. By far one of my favorite places in KC.

    Way to go, lady!! You conquered The Hill!!

    1. Thanks Desiree! Just FYI HH is only 41.00 if you sign up now! We did!

  2. You guys are awesome! Let me know if you ever do any races up here!