Tuesday, May 21, 2013


I'm sure you've heard about the devastation that took place yesterday in OK. My heart just breaks. I could not imagine the thought of not being able to find my family. I saw an interview with a man who lived with his handicapped wife. He said they ran for their bathroom and prayed. He said God protected them. Something tells me he will never miss a Sunday in church. ha I kid I kid

I can't even imagine.

Squeeze your family a little more today.

on a lighter note

We are getting the severe weather that is moving from OK. Last night H and I went to bed like normal. around midnight I hear the rain, wind and thunder. I swear Dorothy flew by. Then I heard a familiar nose of the back door opening and closing. Of course my first thought was" Freddy Kruger is trying to find shelter from the storm". Of course I notice M is gone, so I quietly call him. you know not loud enough to wake up H. I don't know what is worse, finding ol Freddy in our house or waking H in the middle of the night. My money is on H.

I digress

I get up and see the back door open. I look out and my lovely husband in the back yard. He has set out his "weather watching gear" which includes his laptop, the dog and his "work desk" aka H's princess pool.

REALLY? did I mention it's 12am?

M: Catching a storm

I'm sorry, "catching" a storm requires more than a princess pool.

He finally convinces me that the world was not ending and he was safe. So like a good wife, I stole my dog back and went to bed.

Apparently we are having bad storms all day. Did I mention we don't have basements here. Yes, let that sink in. Tornado's and no basements.

everyone be safe out there today!

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  1. Thoughts and prayers that the weather doesn't get too nasty in your neck of the woods!