Wednesday, May 15, 2013

17 Days...and counting

So here we are May 15th. 17 days away from Hospital Hill Run KCMO style.

Yes I have lost my mind. Who runs events with the word Hospital in it? Ha this girl. And I truly plan on dying completing this thing less than 2:10. Ok let's be honest, apparently there are hills at every mile. My goal is to finish this in 2:15. More importantly I'd like to have a decent race picture. Why do those turn out hideous. every.single.time.

It's good to have goals.

How's my training you ask? Ha, pretty much the same  as every race. You know wait until the last 2 weeks and train like a dang banshee.

This week I hit it hard. That's what she said  

Morning runs, long runs at night, I've even put the ol dreadmill at .5 incline. Which I'm sure is not a lot but this girl was dying at .5 incline 7.5 speed. Don't believe me? Check out my hair.. I'm all kunta-kinte.  Ha I kid I kid, but it's hot as hell in that garage.

It's paying off...guess who lost 5 pounds this week? This girl!

I digress..

I found this on my sole mate's blog.  I love it!

We are runner's ladies! We should be proud!

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  1. I LOVE the runner's 10 commandments! Especially the "holy" day. :)