Tuesday, May 7, 2013

I think he pork chopped me..

Let me just tell you about the time I got reminded that I am almost 32 not 21..

You ready?

So, my bestie L came into town from Springfield. I could lie and say she only came to see me BUT she actually came because she lucked up and scored tickets to go see..

Fleetwood Mac.

Yes, true story.

No, L is not 55 she is also almost 32. Well that chic is actually younger but she looks older so we'll just leave it at that. don't believe me? just ask the random guy that kept buying us "Scooby shots" last night. He felt the need to tell L she looked 27 and  I looked 23. Ha YATZHEE!

I digress.

About 6 months ago, I got an email from L. "Hey Fleetwood Mac is coming to LR" you wanna go?
I instantly responded back with "sure!, but who is Fleetwood Mac?"

Remember that bubble I was raised in...yeah, TRUST me, the sounds of Fleetwood Mac was not flowing..at all.

So I asked M if he wanted to go. I think the words he used was Hell no, I'm not going to that geriatric concert....and with that we were out. Which was fine because L and her Hubs were in, and that meant they were coming to LR. Which is awesome!!

So they drive their happy asses 8 hours to come see me and Fleetwood Mac. Originally the plan was for L to go to the concert with her hubs. I was going to stay home with M and we were going to have a quite evening of him watching the game and me watching my DVR alone with a glass of wine. GLORIOUS.

Things quickly changed after our day of shopping. We brought the boys pizza and beer home. We ate and they ate and ate and watched the game. The more they ate the less they(L's Hubs) wanted to get up. So L's hubs was out and I was in.

L and I were college roommates. Even though she went to Fontbonne and I went to St. Louis University. I had all of one friend at St. Louis. Probably because I spent ALL of my time at Fontbonne. People thought I went there. L and I were nothing short of a hot drunken mess in college. We quickly learned that we can have fun no matter where we were.

So even though I had not one clue of who Fleetwood Mac was, I went. I sang and I drank. a lot.

We had a ball. I swear I sat next to Annelle from Steel Magnolias. She was sweet, country and a little sassy. She was so kind  to tell me the line up of the concert, like every song they will sing and in which order. Like I had a clue what she was talking about. I just smiled and happily drank my beer.

After the show, we decided that we weren't ready to end our wild and crazy old people night. So we found our self the most raunchy bar that Pulaski county could offer us. Yep, you know it. I really can explain the electric cowboy. All I can say is they serve their drinks in mason jars, real mason jars. Since it's the only bar that stays open until 5am it brings all walks of life. Gangster's, Cowboys, Grandma's who love to line dance, truckers who are just passing through, Chester the molesters, and let's not forget the girls who think just because they can get leopard pants on, they should wear them.

It's a shit show for real.

At one point I look over at L and she says " I think he just pork chopped me" He just pork chopped me. Who does that?

of course I died laughing.

It was like any other night out, we laughed we people watched, and then we lost our voices and remembered that we weren't 21 and took our happy asses home.

There is something about knowing your kid will be awake before 8am that makes you loose your buzz and want nothing more than a glass of water, my fat girl pants and my bed.


  1. Your night sounds AWESOME! And makes me want to be with my BFF drinking like sailors and hitting up jankey bars at 1AM.

  2. Ahhhh.....the Cowboy.....good times.