Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Bittersweet Day

Today is my very last day at my current job. It's really bittersweet. I'll never forget my first day here.

We had been in AR, just over six months. I would occasionally apply for a job here and there just to appease M. Let's just be honest. I was enjoying my time off, unpacking my new home, and enjoying my freedom to just "jump in the car and head to STL"

I digress

My very first day, in this office was like no other. My co-worker (Missy) met me in the parking lot and gave me the biggest most comforting hug of all time. It was just enough to wiggle off those first day jitters. Everyone was so nice. They were a hugging bunch. Trust me, half of the office was wearing my Sandy Beige foundation on their shoulder. I loved every minute of it.  I was warned that this office was full of mamma's and grandma's and I would be Mother Hen'd to death. They weren't lying. When I was prego, they wouldn't let me walk down the stairs, pick up stacks of paper and I was always asked how much water intake I had for the day. (yes, on my nerve) It was all done in love.

We were just a bunch of ladies, trying to feed the children. Yes, we'd bicker and had our moments. Gesh, a office full of women is dangerous.

I truly enjoyed my time here. This is by far the most laid back office I have ever worked in. This was my first family away from home. They watched me waddle my grilled cheese eating butt around here when I was prego, they've loved our little H like their own. They have become family and I will truly miss them.

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  1. I hope your last day was a good one! Good-byes are always difficult.
    Can't wait to hear what new opportunities are coming your way.