Thursday, May 2, 2013

Thursday Thoughts

It's Thursday,

  • I'm totally slacking with my blog post. Can you tell I've been busy at work? Work is the only time I seem to find time to write here. I really hope the new gig allows me time to work on my blog.

  • I think it's time to contact Hubby Jack so he can make my blog pretty

  • My bestie (and her hubs) are coming for the weekend. I think I'm more excited that they are "good enough" friends that I don't have to make sure my house is clean. I'll just pick up a little and call it a day. ha gotta love true friends

  • I'm loving this few days home alone with H. I also love when she plays quietly in her room

  • I think I can say I've seen  every Barbie movie know to man #shootme

  • I loath buying dog food. I think M should buy it. Poor Manny is out and I feel like it's dog abuse to continue to feed him doggie treats and to the store I go.

  • I'm pretty excited for TAOD SUCK DAZE I can't wait for Lauren to really experience Arkansas. Camo, Toad races, corn dogs, Stuck on a truck. It's going to be a hillbilly mess.

  • M and I were having a deep conversation (again) we thought H was playing quietly, to our surprise she was repainting the walls/window's PURPLE. Yep. It was a hot janky mess.

  • The closer we get to Mother's Day, the more M gets moody. I feel really bad for him. I know he misses her like crazy. I vote to just skip Mother's day this year. I lie, he should buy me diamonds and then we can skip over Mother's day.

  • I know I don't know how to hold, load or shoot a gun,  BUT I am about to shoot this ghetto squirrel who hangs from the fence and inhales all the food from the bird feeders. That shit is expensive. That squirrel needs to keep it moving.

  • I have less than 30 days for the HH run. This is going to be a hard race. I owe it to myself to properly train. Plus I had to sell my kidney for my plane ticket.

  • What's all this talk about SPARK. Has anyone tried it?


  1. Ugh, I'm so jealous you're running HH. I'd sell a kidney if it meant I could fly back and run it.
    I THINK Holly over at Where We Can Live Like Jack and Sally drinks the SPARK stuff. Might want to head her way and hit her up about it.

  2. We've done the SPARK's good stuff! So, you're flying to KC? I guess then Mike and H aren't coming? Bummer!!!!!