Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter trip to St. Louis

Wenesday night we loaded the truck and headed to STL. It was a well over due trip. We thought it would be a more pleasant trip to drive at night so Hannah could sleep. It worked great. We left Benton at 6:00pm and I promise you Hannah was asleep before we hit the highway. We made it to St.Louis at 12am and I thought to myslef "this will be great, I'll quietly lift Hannah out of her carseat and into bed. Then Mike and I would be able to catch up on our sleep that we missed". WRONG... we rounded the corner to my parents house and I kid you not, MOM and DAD were at the front door waiting (like kids on Christmas morning)for their "Pumkindoodle" (another strange nick name that Hannah has inherited). It was really sweet.
Friday morning, we made a trip to ONE BELL CENTER to visit mom, friends, security guards, you name it, Mom introduced Hannah to everyone. I'm really glad we went. I was able to see lots of old faces.

We ventured over to my sister, who is a nanny for Quincy. The girls had a great time playing together

Mike and I took full advantage of the help that we recieved while we were in town. We were able to catch the Thursday afternoon Cardinals Game. There's nothing better than a day game! We had such a great time.

We all know, I don't do well with pain or seeing Hannah in pain. Hence why she hadn't gotten her ears pierced...we'll Mom and Dad offered to take her. Well really Dad did all of the work. I was a nervous wreck. I stayed at home and worried. Apparently my mom was too. She interrogated the poor girl who pierced Hannah's ears. Seriously..Dad said she asked like 20 questions. How long have you been doing this? Have you ever messed up? Are you a believer? Can I have a hair sample? Seriously...Dad told her to walk away. So Hannah sat on PaPaw's lap and got her ears pierced like a big girl. She didn't cry much at all. Dad said she cried more when she was mad that she had to get in her carseat.

For Valentines Day, Mike bought Club Cardinal seats for me . We had a blast. Minus the "Take Cover a Tornado is Coming!" Part. It was a memory...
Hannah got lot's of great stuff for Easter...

I think her favorite Easter gifts were the walker and the blocks

Easter morning we went to Church on the Rock for service, I LOVE LOVE that church and miss it so much. I love Easter service. It reminds me how much Jesus did for ME (and all of us) I'm not claiming to be a perfect Christian. I know we all fall short of the glory of God, BUT there is something about Easter Service that God gets me in check.

We spent Easter with Mike's family, which is always nice. Hannah got to play with her cousin Riley. They are one week apart.

We had a great visit!!!

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