Monday, May 2, 2011

These kids better stop growing so fast...they're making Mike old...

So this week was a pretty big week for the Lassen kiddos.

It seems like yesterday (I guess it's been 5 years of yesterdays), Devin was calling me Amos Otis or Side Show Bob (it could be worse) and we'd be wrapped up in some "Scary Boy" movie or a silly TV show. He'd come visit us and we would watch hours of movies/TV. Mike and Devin would always out number me on the family vote so I would always get stuck watching South Park or a movie like Inglorious Bastards. I can't wait until Hannah is old enough to vote. After we cought up on all the missed South Park episodes, we'd break for food at "Hooters" which I know is totally inappropriate, but I had ZERO vote when it comes to Mike and Devin. Trust me it wasn't cool to have your wife or stepmom with you at Hooters. Amazingly Mike and Devin's "love for their wings" came to an end and we haven't been their for a very long time.
Anywho, I talked to Devin today, and he informs me that he is DRIVING! So proud of him for getting his driving permit. But it is still CRAZINESS!!! Look out road.

Hannah's news, not as big as Devins...but still falls under the lines of "STOP GROWING UP SO FAST" Hannah was officially moved to the "Big Kid's" room at her daycare. She's adjusting pretty not so much. Mike keeps telling me this is a good thing, which I know it is, but it's so sad that she is now out of the infant rooms.

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