Sunday, May 15, 2011

PaPaw & Mimi

Hannah couldn't ask for better Grandparents. They would travel the world to see her. We are very fortunate to have them, we love that they are able to come visit often.

Saturday we spent the day shopping. Mom and I figured it is never to early to start Hannah. She did pretty well in the stores. She LOVES to be in the (very sanitized with the seat cover...yes..I'm that girl) shopping cart.

It's always nice when my dad is able to make the trip to see us. While I may not always have a green thumb, my dad does. I love to take advantage of it when he is here. This weekend we planted trees, flowers and set up the bird & hummingbird feeders. My goal is to not kill them..we shall see..

All in all we had a great weekedend

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