Sunday, October 16, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up

This weekend mom came for a visit. YEAH!!! There is nothing like having your mom here. Chatting, Shopping, Wine, Shopping, Great Food and did I say Shopping...
Hannah was so excited to see MIMI, she jumped right into her suitcase.
Saturday, we got up early and hit some great yard sales. Then in the words of my MIL, we "went to town" and hit some great sales.
Hannah hit the jack pot
This vacuum is probably her favorite. She drags that thing all over the house.
We searched high and low for this wagon. We finally found one and Hannah loves it. I can't wait to use it for Halloween. P.S. why are wagons so expensive these days? dang!
Books, Books and more Books. Hannah loves to read books (or pretend to be reading). I was cleaning her room and Hannah ran off into the living room, I got that "She's too quite, please don't be in the toliet feeling" and I found Hannah in the living room reading her book.
Even "Mooie" likes to read.
So my mom mentioned how long Hannah's hair was getting and I didn't really realize how long it really has gotten. Can we say "Rapunzel Rapunzel Let down your hair to me" lol...craziness
Ok so we have an array of Halloween candy around the house, and Hannah knows exactly where each candy dish is and constantly goes up to the dish and says " give me give me.."
So here is her sweet, "Please can I have some candy face"
And here is her "Mommy you're so mean, I can't belive you said No face"


  1. HIL-ARIOUS!!! love the "Mommy your so mean face!" AG does that too! love her pink chair! where did that come from?

  2. I can't believe how long her hair is. Lucky girl.