Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Boy, Where did October go?
Mike celebrated his 30(+ a few years) birthday. Every year I spend hours and hours trying to find the best gift for him. What do you buy a guy who has everything? He is so hard to buy for. He works hard and I feel one day out of the year, he deserves to watch what he wants on T.V, eat whatever he wants for dinner, leave stuff laying around without me nagging...blah blah blah..
We'll he got that, a day of no nagging, football, food, drinks and by his request a homemade ice cream cake. Plus a paid trip to New Orleans this February.

Hannah helped.

We were also excited to have Devin with us for a weekend.

It's so fun when Devin comes. I love seeing the two of them playing.

I love love love this picture.

We also went to "Benton Boo Bash". I do have to say, it was a lot of fun. Definately a benefit of living in a small town.

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