Saturday, January 22, 2011

"Grandparents & Goodies"

January has been filled with lots of Grandparents & Goodies. Hannah's grandparents love her so much. They would travel to the end of the world to spend time with her. My mom has been to Little Rock to visit us a few times and now Mike's mom has jumped on the bandwagon. We both enjoy having our family here. They are a tremendous help. We come home everyday to a clean house, laundry done and dinner on the table. They spoil us and Hannah.

Hannah is growing like a weed. I just can't believe that she is almost 6 months. This last month has been so fun. She now reaches for you, she knows her name and she is even saying "DaDa" I don't think she really knows what she's saying, and it's more babble than anything, but let me tell you Mike is eating it up...everytime we hear a "DaDa" Mike responds with a "Yes Princess"

Of all the gadgets that are neccessary for a baby, I have to say I was more than excited to get Hannah's highchair. You would have thought it was a fine handcrafted piece of furniture. I was so excited to get it, I begged Mike to put it together. It was during some "important" football game (playoffs or something) but he did it! of course Hannah had already eaten by then but I just had to put her in it so she can bang spoons and lids together.

We've slowly been entroducing Hannah to foods. One of our first attempts was banana's. She LOVED them, she was eating them like a pro. But to our surprise she had an allergic reaction. She broke out in a red rash all over
So we put those on the back shelf and may try those at a later day.

We're sticking to applesauce and cereal.

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