Saturday, January 29, 2011

6 months old!!!

We're six months old today! She is growing way too fast!! We celebrated today with a little shopping, lunch with Daddy and Grandma Lassen. Then we had to take grandma to the airport. It was really sad seeing her leave. We had such a great time with her. She was more than a help when she comes for a visit.

We ended the day with a walk outside, it was 70 outside! it was so nice to get out and be in the fresh air. Hannah loves taking walks.


  1. I love her onesies that celebrate how many months she is. Can believe how fast time goes by? WOW!!! She's precious. God Bless.

  2. so adaorable! love the bow on the bear too!

  3. i love you hanah i want youto have a great life

    -zahria saadiq-love you amie,mike,and devin