Monday, February 14, 2011

Love is in the air...

I love love love Valentines Day. It has always been my favorite holiday. I just love all the hearts, candy and the spirit of love (cheesy, I know)I remember as a small child waking up and running to the kitchen table to find our Valentine treats. Mom would always have candy and cards and there would always be something special from my dad. Every year, dad would always get us something.I remember getting stuff in high school from dad. Actually to be honest, it has only been since I've gotten married that the Valentine gifts have stopped from my dad. It's kind of sad, but I guess I am almost 25 years old(plus a few years, yep I'm already lying about my age).

This Valentines Day, really started off rocky. Hannah is still fighting her nasty cough so needless to say, Mike and I didn't get much sleep last night. Mike is still dying a.k.a has a cold and is in no shape for romance or talking for that matter. He was so out of it this morning, that he stepped on his glasses and broke them. I don't know why I find that HILARIOUS but I do. He was so pitiful "Amie...I stepped on my glasses...and they broke..."

He did however surprise me with Cardinal tickets!! I am super excited!!! For one that means we get to go to STL and we get to go to a Cardinal game!!! I am super pumped. Many of you already know, but Mike and I met on Opening Day 2006. So it's always a good time to go to games together. That was the extent of my excitment for today, Mike had to work late so I spent the rest of my evening organizing Hannah's closet.

We did hit a small milestone with Hannah today. Today was her first day in the "Big Kids" room at daycare. She has graduated from the "Infant Room" I just can't believe she isn't consider an infant anymore. I'm actually glad that she was moved. She was the oldest baby in her class, by far. The little babies sleep most of the day, and Hannah is very busy. With her moving up she is now with her previous classmates who are crawling or on the verge of crawling.Now,she can get down and play with the kids. "Playing" really consist of the other kids trying to get Hannah's bow or playing tug a war with a loose sock. It's all very cute.

Here are a few pictures of Hannah, She recieved a few Valentine Cards today, She was more than excited when she got her card from her Aunt Leslei...can you tell?

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  1. Amie, you crack me up!! I'm laughing out loud! Hannah is SO cute!! I love all the pics you have of her! I'm always looking. Happy Valentine's Day! I love you!