Thursday, August 18, 2011

Humpty Dumpty Had a Great Fall...

There's really no other way to describe our past 6 days and since nursery rhymes are the only thing playing in our radio,I thought Humpty Dumpty fit perfectly.
We can not thank our friends and family enough for the prayers and the extended kindness that we have experienced. We are so thankful that Dad is doing ok.
As most you already know, my parents maybe approaching 50 yrs old (No matter what my mom say's she is not 40) but they certainly don't act their age. My dad's newest toy is his precious Harley Davidson.
He loves his bike, I swear it's his third Child. It's not dad's first motorcylce, and we all know he follows all of the safety rules.
You can only imagine my surprise when I got a text message that read "Your dad has been in a motorcycle accident and is in ICU" Tuesday night. Of course my mind went crazy, isn't it funny how you always think the worse. I was up all night with my mom. I felt so helpless. She did the best she could to keep me updated on dad's status and she sent this picture.
Which didn't seem to help at all. They did a complete body scan on dad and found: A broken collar bone, 8 broken ribs, a lot of road rash on his arms, a rock in his forehead,a gash on his cheek and a punctured lung. BUT..praise God, he was alive and in good spirits.
I tried to be strong and go to work on Wednesday, but my mind was on dad. I knew me being in St.Louis wouldn't change anything, but I felt the need to be there to support mom. Thankfully I have wonderful work family that totally understood my need to be in St. Louis.
Dad wanted to hold Hannah so bad. She was a hit on his floor. The nurses loved her.
Hannah got lot's of walking done with her big brother. I just love seeing these two together.
It was nice to see all of dad's fellow fire fighters and friends who came and visit dad. They were so thoughtful to bring dad food, balloons, and his favorite DIET COKES.
The pink training wheel was by far the best "Get well" gift.
Dad got to come home Monday night, with a bag full of medication. He's doing really well. I guess the saying is true, "Can't keep a good man down!"

oh, and the Harley is still drivable and no he's not selling it. Dad can't wait to get back on and ride again.

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