Thursday, September 8, 2011

And so it begins...

Summer is rapidly coming to an end. The heat wave has finally broken, we can now enjoy evenings outside without the threat of a heat stroke. The windows are open and I absolutely love the cool mornings. Fall is just right around the corner. I love fall, it's my favorite season. I love it all..the hoodies, the cool breeze, the new fall series on T.V.

The only downfall husband's secret love affair with FOOTBALL! It consumes his every move. I'm talking college football, pro football, fantasy football, football on the IPAD checking the score.. blah blah blah.

Every season I try really hard to sit and watch football with him. I have to give it to him. He tries really hard to get me pumped up. He shares some sob story about some guy who is down on his luck and get's taken in by a white family, only to discover he's amazing at football (oh wait..maybe that was a movie..who knows)
I really don't mind football games as long as there are great football snacks, adult beverages and maybe a female that I can chat about last nights episode of Real Housewives.

So, in honor of "OPENING NIGHT OF FOOTBALL" I thought I'd spice up our Razorback decor.

With a few supplies from the craft store, and a little football spirit...

"We've Got Spirit.. Yes We Do!"

The Lassen's are officially ready for Razorback football!! "Let's get ready to rumble"

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